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NIPHA is widely acclaimed for manufacturing quality products including forgings, castings, ground-engaging tools and wear parts, machined components and assemblies and many more customized products. One of the most important in NIPHA’s gamut of products is the range of railway track components.
Range of Products :
Base Plates, Channels, Dog Spikes, Double Shank Spikes, Elastic Rail Clips, Fish Plates Forged Shoulders, Headlock Washers, Joint Bars, Lock Spikes, Reinforcing Bars for Rail (D-bar) Screw Spikes, SGCI Inserts, Switch Rods, Tail Lock Washers, Track Nuts and Bolts
More about the Products :
Reinforcing Bars for Rail ( D-Bar) : These are rolled from mild steel as per customer’s design. The bars are welded on the rails to reinforce them.
Fish Plates / Joint Bars : NIPHA manufactures all types of joint bars suitable for standard rail profiles used in various countries. The most popular ones include UIC 54, UIC 60, U 33, BS 80A, BS 90A, IRS 52 Kgs, IRS 90 Lbs, 115 RE, 119 RE, 132 RE, 136 RE.
Elastic Rails Clips : These are suitable for wooden, concrete or steel sleepers. They are designed for different toe loads to suit various axle heads and speeds.
Tracks Nut and Bolts : These are produced using carbon and alloy steels as specified by our customers. The shank diameter ranges from 16 mm to 25 mm. All high tensile fastners are heat-treated.
Screw Spikes : These are made from medium and low carbon steel by forging and thread rolling process. The shank diameter ranges from 16 mm to 25 mm. They are available in both black and galvanized condition.
Inserts : These are made of S.G.C.I, suitable for different sections.
Shoulders : These are forged from steel to suit customer requirements. They are available in both with and without anti-overdrive features.
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