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N4A JUTE LOOM Download Brochure
  • Loom speed can be changed easily by changing
    motor pulley.
  • Easy adjustment of crank throw to suit cloth width.
  • Fewer moving parts ensure minimum wear and tear
    and thereby minimal maintenance and downtime
  • Easy setting of loom.
  • Spears/Rapiers manufactured from abrasion resistant alloy steel, machined accurately on Vertical Machining Center, and are highly durable.
  • Weft supply to each rapier is continuous from conical weft spools. The spools are protected from caddies and dust droppings by large anti-ballooning guard.
  • Threading-up broken weft is both trouble-free and time saving because of the conveniently located push button air valve at each end. Pressing buttons create a blast of air at the mouth of the weft tube and instantly delivers the weft at the spear nozzle.
  • Warp tension control, a basic requirement for high loom effi ciency, can be adjusted by the operator through a hand wheel and a sensitive tension indicator.
  • For different cloth widths, the positioning of the pinning motion can be adjusted accurately and quickly by the use of calibrated scales on the support tube and support bracket.
  • Pinning of weft at the selvedges are carried out by simple and positive cam actions. The simplicity of the mechanism creates minimum wear and tear of the moving parts.
  • Controls are at the fi ngertips. When a yarn breaks, be it warp or weft, the machine is stopped instantly by the sensitive stop motions provided in the system which indicates the location of the fault in the display board. Faults are repaired in seconds.
  • Electronic counter displays the cloth length.
  • The position of the beam gives complete freedom of movement to the operator.
Speed 280 picks/minute
Electric Motor 3 H.P(Consumption up to 50%)
Cloth Width 21” to 30”
Cloth Roll Dia 30”
Warp Beam Dia 36” with fl oor pit
Cloth Formation Plain/Three Leaf
Broken Weft Repair By pneumatic system
Floor Space Required 64 sq.ft.
  • Easy adjustment of crank throw to suit cloth width

  • Fewer moving parts ensure minimum wear and tear

  • Controls at your fi ngertips

  • Faults are repaired in seconds
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